Kentucky Mayor Danny Sparks Busted for Selling Marijuana Near School



By Heather Manes, Thu, November 29, 2012

The mayor of a Kentucky town was arrested Wednesday evening for selling marijuana near a school, according to police.


The arrest took place after Danny Sparks, the mayor of Olive Hill in Carter County, sold the drugs to an undercover witness working with police.

Sparks faces a class D felony charge for trafficking marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school.

According to the police chief Bobby Hall, the bust took place in a parking lot next to an elementary school.

Sparks resigned Wednesday night after his arrest.

Hall said the arrest came after a series of tips were submitted to FADE drug task force officers, which is a coalition between five police departments.

“We had been looking into it for some time,” he said.

Sparks was re-elected mayor of 2,000-population town in 2010, and has been serving at least a decade, according to Hall.

“We’ve got drug problems, lawsuits, floods, this town has seen it all,” Hall said. “This is the last thing this town needs to deal with, it’s an embarrassment.”



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