The Cannabist: 15 tips for 4/20 in Colorado

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It’s 4/20 week, and the state of Colorado is preparing for what could be the biggest influx of marijuana-based tourism ever seen.

We at The Cannabist have been prepping for this all year, and whether you’re an in-the-know Coloradan or a first-time visitor from out of state, consider this little piece of the Internet your best friend for the next week.

We’ll tell you where all the hot shows are, the lowdown on the annual 4/20 Rally, the news on High Times’ annual Cannabis Cup, some invaluable lodging tips and advice on shopping, getting around town and entertaining tykes amid all the smoke.

So without further ado …

1. EVERY 4/20 EVENT IMAGINABLE. From the rally and the Cup to concerts featuring Snoop Dogg, Cheech & Chong, Slightly Stoopid, Matisyahu, Leftover Salmon, Wyclef Jean, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Ice Cube, Julian Marley, KISS Army, Talib Kweli, Paper Diamond, Tauntaun, B Real (of Cypress Hill), Method Man/Redman and many, many others — not to mention 420-friendly art classes, brunches and city tours — see our comprehensive event guide. Check it.
2. CURATED 4/20 SCHEDULE. If you don’t want to wade through the 45-plus events in the above listing, let Cannabist pot critic Jake Browne take you through his perfect holiday with this special 4/20 edition of his Hitting the High Spots column. Check it.

3. COMING IN FROM OUT OF TOWN? Where should you stay, eat and shop while in Denver — and how can you safely get around? Cannabist style writer Katie Shapiro chipped in with a super-handy guide for visitors — and her selections all but guarantee a fun and safe trip. Check it.

4. GOING TO THE RALLY? The Denver 4/20 Rally is often called the largest in the world. See for yourself at Civic Center on April 19-20. Is public smoking legal at the rally? No. But will police be issuing mass citations for public consumption? Not likely, as they’ll be focusing on public safety. Check it.
5. DON’T HAVE A HOTEL YET? HURRY! This first 4/20 after legal recreational weed sales began is a big, big deal. The folks at shared data with The Cannabist that said hotel searches in Colorado on 4/20 weekend are up 78 percent from 2013. So if you don’t have lodging, hurry it up already. Check it.

6. DON’T LEAVE YOUR LEFTOVER WEED AS A HOUSEKEEPING TIP. It’s often common for vacationers to leave leftover beers or food in their hotel rooms as a tip to housekeeping staffs. But after one man left an eighth of weed in his Denver hotel room as a tip, he was charged $200 for in-room smoking — something he claims didn’t happen. What went wrong? Check it.

7. FUN FOR THE KIDDOS, TOO. While most 4/20 activities are not safe for children, there’s plenty happening around town for people with kids. From 5Ks, block parties, brunches, pet expos, cultural festivals and Easter Egg Hunts (it is Easter on Sunday, natch), there will be plenty of opportunities to entertain the little ones. Check it.

8. SHOP IT OUT, KEEPING WITH THE WEED THEME. On Sunday, some will celebrate Easter. Others will celebrate Weedster. And some will celebrate both. But our ideas for the perfect Weedster Basket include an environmentally friendly hemp bag, some health-conscious infused edibles, a magnetic lighter and some socks you will never forget. Check it.

9. BUY YOUR MARIJUANA FROM A VENDING MACHINE. Welcome to the future, friends. If there’s a long line at dispensary Herbal Elements in Avon simply jog over to the vending machine, swipe your ID and select the strain, edible or tincture that’s right for you. Their ZaZZZ vending machine may be operating by 4/20, though it’s currently only available for those with Colorado medical licenses. Check it.

10. KNOW YOUR EDIBLES. Marijuana-infused edibles — chocolates, gummies, cakes and more — affect everybody differently, so it’s incredibly important to understand their dosages and how you can best control your desired high. As one local manufacturer often says, "You can always take more — but you can’t go back and take less.” We wrote an easy, eight-step guide to getting your dosage right with edibles. Check it.

11. "DRIVE HIGH, GET A DUI." Renting a car while you’re in Denver? That money might be better spent on airport shuttles, cabs, buses, Uber and our bike-sharing program. Colorado cops are being trained specifically to spot high drivers, and the consequences are very real. Be safe out there, for you and those around you. Check it.

12. IT’S BEEN A WHILE? REACQUAINT YOURSELF WITH POT. Pot, marijuana, cannabis or weed — it’s all slight variations on a plant. And yet walking into a newly legal recreational pot shop can still be intimidating given the dizzying array of choices. Some shops have a discerning collection of bud: Nine or 10 carefully chosen strains behind the counter in hospital-like jars. Some have triple that amount. Add in the vape pens, pipes and edibles — from suckers to brownies, puppy chow (a snack for humans, not pets) to gummy bears, chocolates to tinctures — and the selection alone can be somewhat overwhelming. Feeling out of the loop in these high Colorado times? Don’t worry. Check it.

13. DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT COLORADO MARIJUANA? On Jan. 1, Colorado became the first place anywhere in the world to allow legal marijuana sales to anybody over 21 for any purpose. You have questions about how it will work? Here are 64 answers (See what we did there? No? Keep reading.) to commonly asked questions. Check it.

14. DO YOU HAVE MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT COLORADO MARIJUANA? Do you have more questions that weren’t answered by that massive and informative Q&A? About flying with pot? About hotel policies? About drug testing? About edible limits? About indica versus sativa? Our Ask the Cannabist columnist Susan Squibb has been fielding your questions for months, and her archives are invaluable. Check it.

15. WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING 4/20 WEEKEND? There’s no greater inspiration for what to smoke than going into a shop and dipping your nose deep into a jar of bud. But second to that is our collection of strain reviews — from Agent Orange to Stevie Wonder, Pineapple Express to Blue Dream, Golden Goat to Super Lemon Haze. Check it.

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