Obama’s Pot Policy Is Reefer Madness

By James Poulos

Source: The Daily Beast

C’mon, Barack. Do you seriously think marijuana is as dangerous as heroin? Then why are you afraid to do something about it?
By far the most frustrating thing about Barack Obama’s presidency, whatever your ideology, is its politics of contradiction. This is an administration as comfortable engineering an informal amnesty as it is deporting unlawful immigrants in record numbers—an administration as stubborn in trying to end our Bush-era wars as it is stubborn in expanding America’s military footprint.

But for all the executive two-facedness, the president’s most egregious hypocrisy has afflicted his approach to illegal drugs. Nowhere are the costs and shortcomings of his allegedly pragmatic approach more on display than in the confused, conflicted world of marijuana law.

Just two weeks after signing legislation that leaves states to pursue their own rules on medical pot, Obama’s Department of Justice has filed a…

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