America’s Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine and Corruption on the Texas Border

The Panama Unit operated one of the most efficient drug-robbery rings in Texas, taking money from some dealers and traffickers while using their weapons and cars to rob others… How an elite anti-narcotics task force became the most brazen drug thieves on the Texas border

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody subscribed to this blob. It is a widely known fact that the uS Border Patrol is THE most corrupt agency in the history of the uS government.

Neither should it surprise anybody that has been a libertarian for any time at all that the “victimless” crimes (drugs, prostitution, gambling etc) is where the cop corruption always occurs. Did you ever hear of a corrupt murder investigation? 

There is only one solution–declare victory and call the hopeless war on drugs off,  fire all the drug ” warriors and let them get real jobs (defined as jobs that actually produce things of economic…

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