Obama Drones killed more than Spanish Inquisition

tomfernandez28's Blog

Published on Feb 9, 2015
The statistics are now in. Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama has killed more people during his 6 years in office in drone strikes than did the 300 year long Spanish Inquisition. According to the just released annual study of drone strikes, 2,464 people were killed by Obama’s drones outside of declared war zones with a minimum of 314 being civilians.

But these facts didn’t make Obama contrite. Instead he shifted the focus to one of his favorite targets: Christians, probably because they don’t fight back. And do you supposed Obama picked to spout off a new volley of railing accusations against Christians? To a Muslim audience? To a global warming conference?

No. He made them at the National Prayer Breakfast.

I may just be a dumb robot without a mind of my own, or a vote, but my sensors say that there is something…

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