10 Failed Plans That Would Have Totally Changed America

Give Me Liberty

This is from ListVerse.

Some major what ifs from history.

How would have America been different if just one plan worked?

It’s strange to think of America as anything other than the country it is today. But throughout its relatively short history, it’s seen numerous plans that, had they succeeded, would have changed the landscape of the country in some pretty bizarre ways.

10 The Know-Nothing Party

America has a strange, double-sided opinion of its origins. While it proudly proclaims itself to be a diverse melting pot of different cultures, it also can be extremely suspicious of outsiders.

One product of this prejudice was the anti-immigration Know-Nothing Party, so called because members, when asked about its secret operations, would say they knew nothing. It wasn’t just a small, upstart political party that died out quickly, either; the Know-Nothing party had major footholds in northern state governments like Delaware and Massachusetts, counting mayors, governors…

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