DJ Gary Ganja Hopes To Hit New High With ‘Music For Stoners’

CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4)– It claims to be the first radio station of its kind in the United States and its getting a lot of different listeners.

“We’re like 420 friendly, we play music for stoners, we have marijuana comedy, this summer we’re giving away trips to Amsterdam and Jamaica,” Gary Ganja said as he started a show in mid-June.

The radio station at Smokin’ 94.1, which includes DJ’s named Mary Jane, Ed Blaze, Stoney Reynolds and the owner Gary Ganja, started on June first. Its marijuana themed from what goes out over-the-air down to the décor inside the office space and, for now, it’s still commercial free.

“I had a lady call me the other day from Philadelphia, and somebody else called from LA, and they listen to the radio station from work. I said why do you listen to us and they said our radio stations are boring it…

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