Get the Damn Republican’s and Democrats OUT of the WHITE HOUSE!

I wrote this back in 2006. It still stands good today! Smk.

U.S. Marijuana Party of Kentucky

“A re-write from

Originally published on Oct. 6th, 2006 at this LINK.

The following is an updated version:

After much thought about it, I decided to go ahead and post this opinion.

I am not out to make anyone dislike me……NOR am I out to get anyone in particular to LIKE ME.

This is just my thoughts after well over six years of combing the “news channels” and internet for INFORMATION.

I was not looking for their opinions on anything. I just wanted (and still do) carefully researched

information……..about everything from birth to taxes, death and the “White House”, DHS, and governmental

influence on our daily lives.

I found too much death, too many people trapped in the “prison industrial complex”, too many lies, and too much ANTI bi-partisanship, and little hope for our people all over the world, let alone the United States which remains the main…

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