The War on Drugs – #37

The DisInformation Protocol

Are there any of my followers that think that the war on drugs is a big failure?  Absolutely nothing the government does is ever going to stop the use of what are now “illegal” drugs.  When the United States put alcohol as illegal, did that stop people from drinking?  No, it just caused the government to spend more money than it needed to enforcing the law.  That is kind of the same thing that is happening with drugs, I think.

First off, only the people that really want to use drugs are going to.  Kinda like right now.  Sure, there may be a little spike in the number of people doing drugs, or who give it a try, because it won’t be illegal anymore.  But the matter of fact is that ONLY those who WANT to use drugs will.  Of course I would still keep it illegal if someone was…

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