Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

California Cannabis Observer

I’ve linked to numerous popular cannabis news sources but have missed the most popular and competent news source targeting the young and cool (of which I am neither), Vice News.  Vice does occasional but insightful original coverage of cannabis related stories.  Recently they published an exceptional article by David Bienenstock about pending recreational legalization in California and the potential problems it might cause for current participants in the medical marketplace.  The money quote summarizing this emerging issue; “And since the recreational industry largely represents ‘the investor class’ (as opposed to the hodgepodge of activists and erstwhile outlaws typically growing and selling medical marijuana), the government has been siding with them in every state”.  In my opinion portraying this issue as a “conflict” between the haves and have nots maybe somewhat overblown.  While this may have seemed like the case in Washington, it wasn’t what necessarily happened in

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