Why I Gave Up Booze in Favor of Weed

It Helps with My Anxiety, It Doesn’t Give Me Hangovers, and Are You Aware of What It Does to Sex?

By Sarah Galvin

Source: The Stranger

For a tiny person, I can really drink. I’ve drunk large men under the table multiple times, no problem. It’s not something I set out to do—I’m just not a one- or two-drink person. I like to get hammered. My grandpa did, too. I wouldn’t have been able to recognize him without a glass of brown liquor on the rocks. He was a psychiatrist, and after downing a fifth of brandy every night, he got up at 6 a.m. to see patients. He lived to 86. Legend has it, he was immune to hangovers.

I, however, am not. I get them bad. I’ve hallucinated from hangovers—I remember walking past a purely imaginary man in a trash can one morning, so fried from drinking…

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