The U.S. Marijuana Party “sites at a glance” menu:


USMjParty Organizer and Kentucky Chair
Sheree Krider
(Page) (Profile)

USMjParty Head Chair and Colorado Chair;
Wayward” Bill Chengelis
(Page) (Profile)

U.S. Marijuana Party (main site)
U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

U.S. Marijuana Party

U.S. Marijuana Party Kentucky

U.S. Marijuana Party Illinois

U.S. Marijuana Party Vermont

U.S. Marijuana Party Indiana



Wayward Bill Chengelis


Facebook Pages & Groups:
U. S. MARIJUANA PARTY (main group) (20,630+ Members)
U.S. MARIJUANA PARTY (main page)
USMjParty California (Page)
USMjParty Colorado (Page) Wayward Bill Chengelis (Profile)(Page)
USMjParty Florida (Group)
USMjParty Hawaii (Group) Kenneth Peeler
USMjParty Idaho (Page)
USMjParty Illinois (Page)
USMjParty Indiana (Group)
USMjParty Kentucky (Group) (Page)Sheree Krider (Profile)(Page)
USMjParty Maryland (Group) Jeffrey Kabik (Profile)
USMjParty North Carolina (Group)
USMjParty Oregon (Page) Jim Johnson (Profile)
USMjParty Pennsylvania (Group)Tom Johnson (Profile)
USMjParty Texas (Page) Chuck Miller “Damagoman”
USMjParty Utah (Group) Robert Hawthorne
USMjParty Virginia (Group)
USMjParty Vermont (Group) (Page) Jakob McElwain (Profile) (Page)
USMjParty Washington State (Group) (Page) Jim Johnson (Profile)


@USMJParty (20K+ Followers)




U.S. Marijuana Party on Wikipedia

U.S. Marijuana Party Of Vermont on Instagram

U.S. Marijuana Party Of Vermont on Snapchat



6 thoughts on “Directory”

  1. I am not an American but I support your advocacy. Not just in the US, a lot of people gets harassed from the use of marijuana and lots of people gets in jail because of it. The government focuses a lot on this “crime” (as what they) rather than solving more serious crimes like rape, murder etc.

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